Design and Analysis of Algorithms are useful to the study of computer science and information tecnology and most important natural sciences, social sciences and industry. Figure out how to apply techniques for analyzing algorithm.that are help to solve problem like sorting,searching and selectioit will help to understand which technique are used to solve the algorithm and easily provide worth case, best case and average case.

We provide best method to learn design and analysis of algorithms by this student know techniques for analyzing algorithm and solve algorithm step-by-step.

Important Topics include of DAA

  • Asymptotic Notations.
  • Divide and Conquer.
  • Sorting technique.
  • Hashing.
  • Graph Theory.
  • Greedy Method.
  • Dynamic Programming.
  • Breadth first search.
  • Depth first search .
  • NP-Complete Problem.
  • NP-Hard Problem.