“Design and analysis of algorithm syllabus by daanotes”

Chapter 1: Introduction of Algorithm                

what is an algorithm? Time and space complexity of an algorithm.Comparing the performance of different algorithms for the same problem.Different order of growth.Asympotatic notation.Polynomial vs Exponential running time

Chapter 2: Design and Analysis Techniques

Divide and Conquer Methodology – Binary Search – Merge sort – Quick sort – Heap Sort –Radix sort–bubble sort – Closest-Pair and Convex – Hull Problems– Travelling Salesman Problem .

Chapter 3: Dynamic Program and Greedy Techniques

Dynamic programming, coin change problem, Floyd’s algorithm, Optimal Binary Search,Knapsack problem and Memory Function. Greedy Technique, Prim’s algorithm, Kruskal’s algorithm, Huffman Tree

Chapter 4: Graph Technique

Graph traversal:(BFS) breadh first search and (DFS) depth first search. Application of BFS and DFS. Shortest path in graph:Dijkastra and Bellman-Ford. Minimum spanning trees.

Outcomes of Design and analysis of algorithm

  • Modify algorithm to improve efficiency.
  • Algorithm having various cimouting problems.
  • critical analyze the different algorithm design techinque.